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Cell Phones in the Nail Salon

Cell phone use in the nail salonIn our nail studio, the staff tries to keep phone usage to a minimum while providing services.  Most clients come to us for a quiet, relaxing experience so we keep our phones on silent and only answer a call or respond to a text when absolutely necessary.  Online booking allows our clients to book, reschedule, cancel or join the waiting list without having to contact us, so our phones are not ringing often.

We strongly encourage clients who are visiting the salon to do the same.  Sit back, relax, and be present during your manicure or pedicure!  It's your time to get away and unwind.  Also, when we have your full attention it allows us to perform services much more efficiently.

We have noticed recently that many of our clients use their manicure time to make calls, respond to texts, surf social media, shop online, play games, read books, etc.  Some clients are on their phone throughout the entire service.  When the client is distracted and not paying attention, things can go awry!

Problems that arise due to cell phone usage:

  • The client's hands are not relaxed and may be positioned awkwardly, making it more difficult to prep or polish the nails.
  • Clients are more likely to bump their nails on the lamp during a gel manicure causing flaws in the polish application.
  • Similarly, clients are very likely to pick up fuzz, lint, dust or particles on their nails during the manicure when their hands are not still.  Not the dreaded fuzz!!
  • The client's arms are not fully extended causing the manicurist to lean across the table and put unnecessary strain on their back.
  • Clients lose track of what hand is being worked on and will hesitate or pause to figure out what they need to do next.  So many times, clients will put the wrong hand in the lamp because they're not paying attention!
  • It can cause your manicurist to run behind on time.

Tips for improvement:

We understand that sometimes it's imperative to take a call or respond to a text.  We just ask that you try to be aware and refrain from using phones whenever possible in the salon, particularly during a manicure service.  Here are a few tips for cell phone usage in the salon:

  • If you have to take a call, use a hands-free method such as Airpods or headphones.
  • Avoid speakerphone or Facetime calls as the noise can disturb other patrons.
  • Talk quietly and be aware that other patrons may be trying to relax and enjoy their service (particularly in the pedicure room).
  • Arrive to your appointments prepared with pictures of colors or nail art examples so that you don't have to scroll for ideas during your appointment.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

~ Andrea and The Chickettes Team


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