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Pink Gellac Ultra Shine NO-WIPE Gel Top Coat

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine NO-WIPE Gel Top Coat

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Ultra Shine is a NO-WIPE, high-gloss shine top coat!

Apply Ultra Shine over your Pink Gellac gel polish manicure for long-lasting, high-gloss results! No wiping necessary since there isn't a tacky residue after curing.

Application tip: Let the top coat sit on your nails for 10 seconds or so after application (before curing) to allow the gel to self-level. This helps eliminate any brushstrokes for an even, glossy finish!

Works with chrome, holographic, and other metallic pigment powders!

Size: 0.5 fl oz (15mL)
LED curing time: 60 seconds*
UV curing time: 120 seconds
Duration: Lasts 2 weeks+
Formulated & manufactured in Amsterdam

* The recommended curing time is based on a 36 watt lamp. Lower powered lamps will require a longer curing time (up to 90-120 seconds depending on the wattage of your lamp).